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Copper Based Alloys

Our range of copper based alloys is geared towards “high performance” alloys where a combination of strength and conductivity (electrical and / or thermal) are required. In addition the ToughMet ® range of alloys offer good bearing properties.

Related Copper Based Alloys
Product Major Applications Availability
Grade: UNS C71500

Excellent corrosion resistance in flowing seawater even if contaminated. Good resistance to erosion and cavitation. Used for seawater piping systems on ships and offshore plateforms. Also for condensers, heat exchangers and desalination plants. Cupro-Nickel 90/10 (UNS C70600) is a similar grade.

Imported; ex-stock (limited) or mill availability.

Grade: UNS C17410

A lower Be grade than Alloy 25. It is used in electronics where conductivity and stress relaxation resistance are design considerations. Cannot be heat treated further. THERE EXISTS A NUMBER OF OTHER LOW Be GRADES WITH PROPERTIES OPTIMISED FOR ELECTRONICS APPLICATIONS.

Limited range strip from local stock; balance imported from stock or mill availability.

Grade: UNS C17200

Most commonly specified copper beryllium alloy. When aged displays exceptional strength and resistance to stress relaxation at elevated temperatures. Used in electronics, tooling (plastics), bearing and general industrial applications. ALLOY M25 is a free machining variant.

Selected items in bar and strip from local stock; also imports ex-stock or mill availability.

Grade: UNS C17510

A lower Be grade than Alloy 25; combines moderate yield strength with good electrical and thermal conductivity. Used for resistance welding applications - RWMA CLASS 3 alloy. Suitable for age hardening.

Imported; ex-stock (limited) or mill availability

Grade: UNS C18200
Cu-1Cr-0.1 Zr

A precipitation hardening copper based alloy. High electrical conductivity and high mechanical properties are attributes of this alloy.Applications - resistance welding wheels and electrodes. Also moulds for continuous casting. A RWMA CLASS 2 alloy.

Imported; ex-stock (limited) or mill availability.

UNS C96900
UNS C72900

A bearing alloy designed to meet a variety of performance demands. Used in harsh environments, against a wide range of mating materials and in conditions where lubrication may be poor. The alloy has excellent machinability, high strength and good corrosion resistance especially in seawater. ToughMet 2 is a variant.

Selected round bar and hollow bar items from local stock; balance Imported; ex-stock or mill availability.