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Offcuts and Project Over Runs

If you need smaller bits and pieces you might find what you are looking for in our Offcut Bin
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3. All items listed are offered subject to remaining unsold at time of your order

4. All items listed will be marked and will be supplied with material test certificates

5. Original mill markings cannot be assured

6. Items listed are on offer “as is” and without further cutting or processing

7. Multi Alloys Standard Terms and Conditions apply


904L 12mm DIA X 100mm Long 3EA R 10.50
904L 20mm DIA X 280mm Long 2EAR 86.52 
904L25mm DIA X 295mm Long EA R 195.93 
904L 30mm DIA X 110mm Long 1EA R 83.13 
904L 50mm DIA X 140mm Long 10EAR 253.12 
904L24mm AF X 325mm Long - Hex Bar 1EA R 236.60 
2205 16mm DIA X 280mm Long 1EA R 43.09 
C2766.35mm DIA X 340mm Long 1EA R 69.50 
C276 44.45mm DIA X 50mm Long EAR 349.97 
C27650.8mm DIA X 25mm Long 1EAR 240.49 
C276 50.8mm DIA X 50mm Long 1EAR 480.98 
Alloy 400 25mm DIA X 100mm Long 1EAR 231.85 
Alloy 40025mm DIA X 120mm Long 1EA R 278.22 
Alloy 400 25mm DIA X 140mm Long EAR 324.59 
Alloy 40025mm DIA X 160mm Long EAR 370.96 
Alloy 400 25mm DIA X 325mm Long 1EA R 753.50 
Alloy 800 35mm DIA X 40mm Long 1EA R 66.05 
Titanium Grade 2 101.6mm DIA X 20mm Long 1EA R 421.22 
Titanium Grade 225mm DIA X 30mm Long1EAR 45.30
Alloy 330 44.45mm DIA X 3 Metres Long EA R5263.00 


ALLOY 2205330mm DIA X 10mm TH16EA R 296.44
ALLOY 2205290mm DIA X 12mm TH1EA R 284.27
ALLOY 2205145mm DIA X 25mm TH2EA R 143.10
ALLOY 2205150mm DIA X 25mm TH6EA R 163.53
ALLOY 2205195mm DIA X 25mm TH2EAR 258.77
ALLOY 2205395mm DIA X 25mm TH1EAR 1061.93
 ALLOY 2205  150mm DIA X 28mm TH  7EAR 183.14 
ALLOY 2205 168mm DIA X 35mm TH 8EA R 259.42 
ALLOY 2205 135mm DIA X 40mm TH 2EAR 198.45 
ALLOY 220580mm DIA   X 40mm TH1EAR 116.00
904L160mm DIA X 15mm TH 1EAR 258.50 
904L 180mm DIA X 15mm TH 22EAR 325.00 
904L 240mm DIA X 15mm TH  7EAR 547.00 
904L 215mm DIA X 20mm TH 8EAR 612.80 


ALLOY 4003" NB X 2,5" NB SCHED 40 CON REDUCER3 EAR 1823.57


904L1/2" NB SCH40 SMLS X 340mm long1EAR 113.23
904L3/4" NB SCH10 SMLS X 495mm long2EAR 257.19
904L1" NB SCH40 SMLS X 275mm long1EAR 157.00
904L2" NB SCH40 SMLS X 440mm long1EAR 561.18
904L4" NB SCH40 SMLS X 365mm long1EAR 1144.45
3101/2" NB SCH40 SMLS X 335mm long1EAR 91.73
310 1" NB SCH40 SMLS X 305mm long1EAR 80.67
3102" NB SCH40 SMLS X 225mm long1EAR 121.08
3103" NB SCH40 SMLS X 385mm long1EAR 436.98
3104" NB SCH40 SMLS X 445mm long1EAR 748.82
22051" NB SCH40 SMLS X 415mm long1EAR 149.01
22052" NB SCH40 SMLS X 390mm long1EAR 258.84
22052.5" NB SCH40 SMLS X 400mm long1EAR 489.32
22503" NB SCH40 SMLS X 315mm long1EAR 455.39
25071" NB SCH40 SMLS X 335mm long1EAR 183.26
25072" NB SCH10 SMLS X 305mm long1EAR 189.18
25072" NB SCH80 SMLS X 375mm long1EAR 421.20
25073" NB SCH40 SMLS X 205mm long1EAR 401.90
C2761" NB SCH40 SMLS X 195mm long1EAR 364.57
Alloy 4001/2" NB SCH40 SMLS X 610mm long1EAR 667.90
Alloy 4001 1/4" NB SCH80 SMLS X 405mm long2EAR 1994.74
Alloy 4008" NB SCH10 WELDED X 3.05 metres long4EAR 25875.88
Alloy 600 1/2" NB SCH40 SMLS X 270mm long1EAR 171.51
HAYNES HR1601/2" NB SCH80 SMLS X 1.480 metres long1EAR 2498.98
HACT C226" NB SCHED40 WELDED X 550mm metres long1EAR 12 280.98
HACT  C226" NB SCH40 WELDED X 1.445 metres long 1EAR 32 264.90
316 Ti/1.45712.5" NB SCHED 80 SMLS X 1.11 metres long1EAR 1427.74
316 Ti/1.45712" NB SCHED SMLS X 1.31 metres long1EAR 1269.49
22053" SCH 40 X 150mm 2EAR 225.25
22053 SCH 40 X 125mm 1EAR 187.72
22052 SCH 40 X 90mm 4EAR 75.15
22052 SCH 40 X 85mm 1EAR 70.99
22052 SCH 40 X 80mm EAR 66.80


22054mm TH as per drawing 1EAR 136.05 download 
22055mm TH as per drawing EA R 395.57 download 
2205 5mm TH as per drawing EA R 395.57 download 
22055mm TH as per drawing EA R 395.57 download 
22055mm TH as per drawing  EAR 621.61 download 
22055mm TH as per drawing 1EAR 565.10 download 
22058mm TH as per drawing EAR 138.66download 
22058mm TH as per drawing EA R 369.76 download 
22058mm TH as per drawing EA R 277.32 download 
22058mm TH as per drawing 1EA R 369.76 download 
2205 8mm TH as per drawing EA R 554.64 download 
2205 8mm TH as per drawing 1EA R 970.62 download
2205 9.53mm TH as per drawing EAR 364.02download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing 1EA R 202.52 download 
2205 10mm TH  as per drawing EAR 151.89download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing 1EA R 303.78 download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing 1EAR 354.41 download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing EAR 506.30 download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing EA R 455.67 download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing EA R 303.78 download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing EA R 151.89download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing 1EAR 303.78 download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing EAR 354.41 download 
2205 10mm TH as per drawing EAR 354.41 download 
220510mm TH as per drawing 1EAR 405.04 download 
220510mm TH as per drawing EAR 303.78 download
2205 12mm TH as per drawing EA R 107.28 download 
220512mm TH as per drawing EA R 482.76 download 
904L 4mm  TH  as per drawing1EAR 672.70
904L 5mm TH as per drawing1EAR 269.07
904L 6mm TH as per drawing 1EAR 271.72
904L 8mm TH as per drawing 1EAR 1065.75
904L 15mm TH as per drawing1EAR 1569.80
904L 25mm as per drawing1EAR 1322.70


ALLOY C276M24 X 150mm LNG STUDS C/W NUT+2 WASHERS12EAR 500.00 


27.31.4LCU (ALLOY 28)2.4mm DIA TIG WIRE X 5 KG5BOXR 1625.00
ALLOY 2552.4mm DIA TIG WIRE X 2 KG1BOX R 550.00
HAYNES 230-W1.6mm DIA TIG WIRE X 1.5 KG1BOXR 754.50
HAYNES 230-W1.6mm DIA TIG WIRE X 1.0 KG1BOX R 503.00
INCONEL 6861.6mm DIA TIG WIRE X 1.54KG1BOX R 1463.00
ALLOY 600 2.6mm DIA WIRE X 30KG39 KG R 215.00