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Multi Alloys (Pty)Ltd, established in 1997, is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of nickel alloys, duplex and high alloy stainless steel, titanium and other niche products.

Multi Alloys joins with Energy Engineered Products, an associated Company, to meet the specialised needs of Projects - large and small. A project team of highly experienced personnel drawn from the 2 businesses as required, ensures that we:

  • Have the necessary expertise in Terms and Conditions of Contracts.
  • Source from reliable and certified manufacturers.
  • Are able to supply complete packages as enquired for.
  • Manage independent and third party inspection requirements.
  • Manage the logistics related to the importation from several suppliers. 

We understand what it takes to be successful in meeting your industrial metal needs. Our customers have benefitted from our experience gained over many successful years in this field.


Our purpose is to utilise our trading and technical skills with integrity and professionalism to effectively market a wide range of industrial metals and allied products to all existing and potential users. We strive for service excellence, have a dedication to quality and use our experience to provide effective solutions to customer needs, thereby increasing the value we offer. 

Experience is one of our most valuable assets and we take congnisance of the experience gained by working closely with customers. The team remains dedicated to gathering information and knowledge in order to source and offer correct products. Knowledge and experience are continuums that expand daily by talking to and supplying South Africa’s diverse industry. ADDING VALUE THROUGH SERVICES Multi Alloys has a reputation for successfully supplying standard products as well as emergency needs and difficult-to-source items. While we deal with multi-million Rand projects, we are also able to supply small quantities.

We provide customer support in the following ways:

Knowledge sharing -
we host workshops and seminars and prepare and present technical papers.
Technical - we understand technical requirements and are renowned specialists in the application of metals, offering alternatives to difficult-to-obtain materials. We provide useful information, solutions, advice or simply re-assurance.
Product availability - based on experience, we provide value by offering a range of "special alloy" products from local stock at competitive prices. We cut-to-size plate, bar and pipe according to customer requirements. 

Multi Alloys’ range of products spans beryllium copper and tantalum, stainless steels and nickel alloys. We supply a wide range, including :

High alloy & duplex stainless steels (904L, 904-6% Mo, SAF 2205, Alloy 255, SAF 2507, S32760)
Corrosion resistant nickel alloys (Alloy 400, Alloy C276, Hastelloy ® C22, C2000, etc.)
Heat resistant nickel alloys (Haynes ® HR160, HR120, Alloy 600, Alloy 601, etc.)
Heat resistant stainless steels (253MA, 4C54/446, 347H, Alloy 800H, 310 & 309, etc.)
Special purpose alloys (Materion Brush Alloys 25 & 174, ToughMet(R), Kovar, Invar, 17-4PH)
Titanium & titanium alloys

Our well-established quality management system is designed to ensure that all orders are processed in accordance with customer specifications.

We represent Materion Brush Performance Alloys in South Africa.