SERVICE: Managing the Supply Chain

Although our business is split between sales from stock and those from imports based on customer specific requirements, all the products we supply are internationally sourced. As a result the disruptions in global supply chains are impacting on the service levels we aim for. These disruptions, initially caused by the Global Pandemic, have left a legacy of minimal passenger flights, less shipping lines and cargo flights to South Africa. As well as major cargo backlogs worldwide and hugely inflated shipping costs.

We are aware of the role we have in managing the supply chain and we work tirelessly to source the best possible options for our imports, ensure we offer the lowest available prices and quickest delivery of quality products. We are supported by our forwarders / freight agents with whom we have long-standing relationships. Whilst we expect that in time the situation will improve, we have taken the step to enhance our information system so that we have access to more accurate information in real time that we can share with you, our customers. We have also increased the stock holding of some items and we await the delivery of these orders. And when called for we make bold decisions like airfreighting pipe from South America because of delays at the mill in the east!