What is centrifugal casting and what are its benefits?

Centrifugal casting is an old established technique which can be used to produce high integrity, sound products that have a cylindrical shape. The molten metal is poured in to a pre-heated spinning die which may be either horizontal or vertical depending on the configuration of the desired part. The combination of the centrifugal force and directional (controlled) solidification results in any impurities collecting at the inside diameter. The as produced castings are sized so as to machine off the outer and inner diameters to resulting in a superior quality product.

Whilst the quality of the products that can be produced is such that they may be used in aircraft engines, more common applications are

  • Rolls in the steel, glass and paper industries.
  • Radiant tubes, furnace muffles and retorts
  • Thick walled pipe and mechanical tube (hollow bar) for use in process industries and as shafts for rotating machinery.
  • Bushes, valve components and rings.

Significant commercial benefits may be shorter manufacturing time and smaller quantities when compared to mill production and ability to obtains metal grades that are not readily available in suitable product forms.


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