What is ToughMet®?

ToughMet® is a range of copper-nickel-silicon alloys with properties that make them the ideal choice for bushings*, thrust washers and slides for demanding applications.

The primary features of this range of alloys are their strength and hardness, resilience, low friction and galling, wear and corrosion resistance. On a practical level this translates into the following benefits which have been enjoyed by equipment suppliers and users in the mining, quarrying and construction industries:

  • Reduced warranty claims.
  • Higher machine availability that results from improved part life and longer lubrication intervals.
  • Improved productivity that also results from the ability of the metal to withstand higher loads.
  • The reduction of bushing deformation, corrosion and uneven wear makes for better reliability – no surprises for users. Conversely the ToughMet® range has a greater resistance to abuse eg lubrication failure.
  • A reduced need for the scarce resources needed carry out repairs and maintenance.

The range consists of 2 basic compositions and 3 tempers in which the alloys are supplied and the designations are:

Grades            ToughMet®2:  Cu-9Ni-6Sn

ToughMet®3:  Cu-15Ni-8Sn

Tempers:        CX – Cast and spinodal hardened.

AT – Wrought and spinodal hardened.

TS – Cold drawn and spinodal hardened.

The temper designation is followed by a number which indicates the yield strength in 1000psi. eg ToughMet®3 CX105. This is the variant offered from local stock.


*Bushings are also referred to as plain, journal or sleeve bearings.


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