Nickel Based Alloys

Nickel-based alloys are a group of metallic materials that contain a significant amount of nickel along with other elements. These alloys exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, and a wide range of mechanical properties, making them suitable for various applications in industries such as aerospace, chemical processing, power generation, and marine engineering.

Our nickel-based alloys have properties which offer superior performance in demanding applications:

  • Ni-Cu and Ni-Mo alloys for strongly reducing environments
  • Ni-Cr alloys for strongly oxidizing environments
  • Ni-Cr-Mo alloys for mixed environments
  • Ni-Cr-Plus alloys for elevated temperature applications

It’s worth noting that the properties and performance of nickel-based alloys can vary depending on the specific composition and heat treatment processes used. Different alloys within the nickel-based alloy group have varying strengths, temperature limits, corrosion resistance, and other properties, so it’s essential to select the appropriate alloy for a given application based on its specific requirements.

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